Leaders & Professionals

The social media world is a crowded and noisy place. A book sets you apart from the rest and ensures your story and expertise are heard.

Marketing Directors

E-books are a fantastic marketing tool with a one-two punch: establishing your company as a knowledge leader and generating leads.

You don't have the time or perhaps the skill or desire to write a whole book yourself.

So ...

You want to work with an expert writer who will put into words exactly what you want to say ... in just the right way.

Leaders & Professionals

Marketing Directors

Why Work with Me?

Good question. Here are eight solid reasons.


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Your Voice

I have a natural and practiced talent for understanding exactly what the author wants to say and expressing it in the author’s voice.



This is your book, not mine. I am merely the medium for your ideas, expertise and story.


I don’t disclose information I am given.



10 years’ experience writing and editing for corporations. 

Adept at quickly learning the lingo of the industry.


13 years editing research papers in the social sciences for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

13 years quickly familiarizing myself with subjects I haven’t formally studied.



Strong and clean first drafts that don’t need a lot of reworking.

Reporting & Research

MA Journalism (Northeastern, Boston) + journalism experience = strong ability to elicit information and find facts.


Publisher Friendly

13 years of ensuring manuscripts meet publisher guidelines — and deadlines.

Get your new book underway.

Thank you! I have had a lifetime love and appreciation for 'you people' who can clearly organize subjects which are probably new to you, and put them into easily readable form. It has been a pleasure working with you.

— Peter Sagues

How We Work Together

This is the basic process. I am not rigid about method, so we will find the way of working together that suits best.


We Have a Discovery Call

We have a video or phone call to discuss the book(s) you want to write and whether we'd be a good fit working together. A book is a big commitment, so fit is important.

We Agree on Terms

Once we've determined the partnership would be a good one, we agree on the terms: price, method and delivery date(s).



We Write the Book

It's go time! Working together in the way we've agreed, I write and send you chapters for review, and then revise per your feedback. Piece by piece, the book takes shape.

Ready for Publication

The manuscript is ready for publication. If you're self-publishing, it now goes to the book designer. If you have a contract with a publisher or agent, you send it to them.


As always, you clear the bar of expectation at the highest level.

— Helen W., UCLA Extension

About Me

A lifelong lover of words and language, I have an MA in Journalism (Northeastern University, Boston) and a BA in German Language & Literature (University of Auckland, New Zealand).

I have always written and taken pride in writing well in different registers and styles. For the past fifteen years I have been editing and writing professionally in three very different registers with very different purposes: business, academic, and fiction/memoir.

An editor must be a stronger writer than the author whose work she is editing, and it is always a great pleasure to work with a fine writer who takes the same care with language that I do.

But this professional work has made me aware that what is as natural as breathing to me — using words to express, convey, and persuade — is considered by others as a highly regarded skill.

Through ghostwriting, I want to help those whose strengths lie in other areas — or who simply don’t have the time to sit down and write.

In addition to being an adroit wordsmith, I bring the following specific skills to your book project:

Get in Touch

What do you want to write?

Shoot me an email at jane [at] cachetghostwriting.com or jm.editing [at] gmail.com. Let me know what kind of writing you’re looking to have done, and we’ll take it from there! I look forward to hearing from you.

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